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Campers get a taste what it is like to be in the media

The campers at YMCA day camp Seven Springs at St. James Elementary School and Camp Creekside at the Lincolnton YMCA learned the ins and outs of the media.
This week’s camp theme “Extra, Extra Read All About It” had the children making magazine collages, performing news broadcasts, writing articles and learning how a newspaper is put together.
“The kids find it really fascinating to learn about the media and the different types of things involved in it,” said Melony Hipp, YMCA program director.

Jack Golightly conducts an interview with camp counselor Amber Parker. Chris Dean / LTN Photo

For many of the children, the week was an eye-opening experience.
“If we didn’t have any reporters, we wouldn’t know about basketball games or other things,” said camper Alex Loper. “We wouldn’t have anything to look at in newspapers.”
Seven-year-old Connor Anderson knew what type of news items he would like to cover.
“Crimes, because it would be fun to go up to police and talk to people,” he said.

Tyler Rhodes, Justin Rhodes and Jarvis Roseman discuss sports during their segment of the YMCA camp newscast. Chris Dean / LTN Photo

Though she was more interested in becoming a veterinarian, 7-year-old Kaley Courson though it would be fun to talk to all the different types of people a reporter work with.
“They get to go to different types of places that no one gets to go,” she said.
The YMCA day camp runs all summer, Monday through Friday at St. James and the YMCA in Lincolnton. Theme weeks this summer include “Around the World in Five Days” and “Camp Idol” among others.
The following are some of the campers’ written responses to why they have enjoyed their camping experience.
(Editor’s note: The campers’ comments are presented intact, without editing for spelling, grammar, et al.)

I love camp because I love the skites, I love dodge ball and I love the counselors.
— Rachael Elizebeth Lindsay, Age 8

I love camp because on Tuesday and Thursday we play dodge ball. Also I like water day, and crazy hair, crazy hat. Also on Tuesday and Thursday swimming too. Also we song sing.
— Justin Rhodes, Age 10

I love camp because, on the 2 T days we swim and we are supost to wear funny stuff every day of the week. Also I like water day and crazy Friday. My favorite thing to do in the gym is dodge ball and kick ball. I love most of the songs we sing. That’s why I love camp.
— Tyler Rhodes, Age 12

The most funst thing about camp is cat in caneli And my second favorite then is smirk.
— Austin, Age 10

I love camp because we go to the YMCA twise a week. And swim and I like water day. I love some of the songs.
— Connor Anderson, Age 7

I love camp beacause we go swimming every Tuesday and Thursday. And I like to have fun catching grasshopers outside too.
— Rylie Bragg, Age 8

I love camp. Camp is fun because we get to go swimming. And at the first week I came I thought that I would have no friends but now I have some friends.
— Alex Loper, Age 9

I love camp. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays cause we go swimming.
— Megan T., Age 9

I love camp fun. I like to swim and having candy day.
— Jack S., Age 4

Camp I love!
— Evan P., Age 6

Staff Writer Katie Rozycki contributed to this story.
by Mary Williams

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