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Beware bureaucrats at work

You have to sometimes wonder what it is that makes our legislators in Foggy Bottom (Washington, D.C.) appear short-sighted and uncaring; in certain situations as if they were bullies beating up and feasting upon the frailest among us.
Surely that must be what a number of this county’s elderly must be asking themselves as they face the hoops they are going to have to jump through starting July 1 in order to qualify and/or receive Medicaid assistance thanks to our House of Representatives.
Is it possible those coming up with many of these inane requirements are so oblivious as to have no idea or little concern or compassion for what they are putting the elderly and their families through — such as providing birth certificates in person; or increasing the “look back period” of transferring assets to a five-year span when it previously was a three-year span?
The bottom line is, this is just out-and-out wrong. If we’re going to indulge ourselves by calling our elderly the “Greatest Generation,” then we better do more than simply offer up lip service and start putting leather to the pavement in protest of the potential harm being foisted on our elderly.
by Steve Steiner

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