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Solid waste stickers to be distributed during July

The Solid Waste Division of the Lincoln County Department of Public Works will be implementing a sticker system for citizens using the county’s convenience sites.
The County will distribute Solid Waste Stickers to Lincoln County residents during the month of July. Two stickers will be mailed to the owner of each improved parcel of land in the County. The stickers will be enclosed in the annual Property Tax bill that will be mailed during the first week of July.
It is expected that many people renting property may not receive stickers, and many other people will move into the county during the year after the stickers are mailed out, so additional stickers will be available at the convenience sites and at the landfill with proper identification and proof of residency in Lincoln County.
The stickers are designed to be placed on the inside of a vehicle’s windshield above the inspection sticker, and the sticker will be necessary to gain entrance to the convenience sites. The yellow stickers will be good for one year and will have an expiration date of July 31, 2007. New stickers will be mailed out each July and each year will be a different color for ease of identification.
This sticker system is being implemented in an effort to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste coming into Lincoln County from outside the county. By regulation, out of county waste is prohibited from our convenience sites and landfill, and fines may be imposed on violators. New signs that clearly show the regulations will also be installed at each convenience site. Citizens are also reminded that the convenience sites are designed to accept only household waste and recyclable material. Commercial waste and recyclables must be taken to the County Landfill at 5291 Crouse Road.
“We are sure that there will be many questions about this process, and we are also sure that we will encounter circumstances that will need special attention while we start up this program,” said Steve Gilbert, director of public utilities, in an email release. “Therefore, we ask for your patience and understanding while we work out any problems that may come up.”
Anyone having questions are asked to please call Solid Waste at (704) 732-9030 or Public Works at (704) 736-8495.

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