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Thanks for letting us know

Oftentimes, we wonder whether what runs in the newspaper actually has an impact. Despite clear examples, usually letters to the editor in protest to an article that has run; a phone call; an email; and the occasional personal visit, we often don’t get feedback. However, ever so often, either directly or indirectly, we do learn that something a reporter has written that ran has had an affect, intentional or otherwise.
Two such examples occurred this week.
In the Monday, June 12 edition, at the top of page 2, our government/law enforcement reporter, Maribeth Kiser, discovered a Lincoln County man had been missing three days, his disappearance mysterious. Shortly after the article ran, his family received word he was safe, which we dutifully reported in the Wednesday, June 14 edition. In it, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office detective Sally Dellinger expressed her appreciation to the LTN for bringing this matter to the public’s attention.
Also in Wednesday’s edition, we ran an article by Allyson Levine, who interviewed a woman whose late mother died from the complications of Alzheimer’s disease.
As a result of that article, one reader called, wanting to get in touch; the caller was going through many of the same things and wanted to further learn whatever she could from the person profiled in the article. We forwarded the caller’s request to the woman in the article. We hope the two get in touch with each other.
It’s always rewarding to learn that in perhaps some small measure, we are fulfilling our obligation, not only to our readers. Kind of reminds us of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” When we ponder it, we are humbled realizing how each of us has an impact and that we should always strive to make our presence a positive one.

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