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Presenting Lincoln debutantes

A total of 53 young women representing 15 North Carolina cities and towns will be presented to society Saturday, June 17 in the Junior Charity League of Shelby’s Debutante Ball.
Celebrating 60 years, the Debutante Ball began in 1946 and, in continuing with tradition, has included a season of social activities for the debutantes, their escorts and their parents.
The June 16 – 17 weekend will begin with a coffee at the home of Judge and Mrs. Morgan. It will include both a Friday evening dinner dance for parents and an informal dance for debs and their escorts at Cleveland Country.
Saturday morning, a mother’s luncheon will be held at the Blanton House, and fathers and daughters will be entertained with brunch at Deerbrook Club.
The weekend’s events will culminate Saturday evening with a Debutante Ball, in which the debutantes, their chief marshals and escorts will formally participate.
The event, to be held in the auditorium of Cleveland Community College, will feature the music of the Frank Love Orchestra. Brian Gulden will serve as commentator for the evening.
Co-chairs for this year’s ball are Kim Lee and Anne Kennedy. Sheila Allen has served as secretary to the debs. Lynn Carter is this year’s league president.
Proceeds from the Debutante Ball, as with other league projects, are used to fund the Clothing Room and Kids on the Block.
The 2005-06 year saw the league providing approximately 900 underprivileged children coats and warm clothing, and through the Kids on the Block program, third-grade students throughout Cleveland County were presented a program on such delicate subjects as child abuse, drug awareness and mental and physical handicaps.
by Staff Reports

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