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You have got to be kidding

Face it. Long ago it became obviously apparent that Michael Chertoff, who heads Homeland Security, revealed his total ineptitude over the handling of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, for which the people in the Gulfport states hit are still suffering. Granted, he was aided, in part, by President Bush’s appointment of a political crony, Richard Brown, then-director of FEMA, but hearings subsequent to Katrina revealed that the cause root of the malaise was (and is) Chertoff.
Now he and his department have demonstrated beyond a doubt how out of touch he is and why he should step down post haste. To reduce anti-terrorist funding to New York City because there aren’t any monuments? Excuse us, but what are the Statute of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway and other icons if not monuments?
Here’s a refresher course for Chertoff: Twin Towers. Those buildings aren’t monuments. That’s because they don’t exist anymore.
by Steve Steiner

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