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First give them the chance

Now that the dust has settled and the voters have spoken, for many in Lincoln County, it’s time to face a new reality: the balance of power has shifted — if not permanently, at least for the moment.
But we believe it is much too soon for those whose candidates lost to start bemoaning how vastly different (and for the worse) matters will be when the new commissioners take their seats.
Throughout the process, the candidates who hail from the eastern part of the county have constantly struck a magnanimous and even conciliatory campaign, making sure to emphasize that for them, it has never been an “us versus them, east versus west” reason for their decision to enter into the political arena. They campaigned on issues they believe affect all Lincoln County residents, not just a select few.
Granted, perhaps what they perceived as indifference, if not outright hostility from the current commissioners may have prompted their decisions to enter into the fray, but that’s neither here nor there. At this point, it’s important to set aside bitterness and allow the new body of elected officials to make their mark. Like anything else, if they prove to do otherwise than what they promised, the pendulum will once again swing, as it always does.
by Steve Steiner

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