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Retired teacher compiles book of poems

Her book is titled “There’s One for You and One for Me,” and Carolyn Burgess hopes the title proves true.
“I did not want to settle on any one theme throughout the book,” said the retired teacher. “I wanted something for everyone.”
The book of poetry includes 35 poems written at different times in Burgess’ life. It is being sold as a fund raiser for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s women’s group in Lincolnton.
The poems are illustrated by fellow church member Kae Wright, and a reception will be held Sunday from 2 – 4 p.m. at St. Luke’s Parish House on North Cedar St. in Lincolnton.
The contents of the book range from nature to children to God. Burgess had no grand plan when creating her poems. She just wrote when the mood struck her.
“A person thinks if you write poems, you can write anything they request, and poems don’t work like that,” she said. “If you ask me to write a poem about ships, it’d sink.”
Burgess wrote her first poem in seventh grade. It was about church bells.
During her 30 years as a teacher she continued to write, although she rarely taught the subject in class – it wasn’t part of the fifth-grade curriculum.
Now retired, Burgess sees former students all the time. Of her three decades as a teacher, 17 years were spent in Lincolnton.
She loves to run into grown-up students and see what they’re doing with their lives now.
“The best compliment I get from them is ‘I wish you could teach my children,’” she said.
Want to go? A book reception for “There’s One for You and One for Me” will be held at St. Luke’s Parish House on North Cedar Street in Lincolnton from 2 – 4 p.m. Sunday.
by Sarah Grano

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