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Winning big with Bob

They were the words she had waited over 30 years to hear: “Elizabeth Peeler, come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right.”
Her heart starting pounding. Beside her, Peeler’s daughter and daughter-in-law jumped up in excitement.
“Libbie” Peeler, as the west Lincoln woman is better known, made her way to the stage and fulfilled a decades-long dream.
“I got to go up, and I got to kiss Bob Barker!” she said.
It was all she hoped it would be.
“When Bob Barker came out, oh God, I was just ready to about die,” Peeler said. “And I don’t care how old he is – he’s 82. He’s still beautiful.”
Peeler’s red T-shirt made that clear. On the front it stated “I flew from N.C. to play…” and finished with “Anything with Bob Barker” on the back.
She flew out to California to visit her daughter with tickets she won from a radio station. The good luck stayed with her.
Not only did Peeler win a set of $650 Pawley’s Island rope chairs, she also took home a six-night trip to Tokyo, Japan.
And while all that was very exciting, nothing compared to meeting Barker.
“I have always dreamed about meeting him,” she said. “I wanted just to cry. I really did.”
Peeler has been watching the Price is Right since it first went on air over 30 years ago. Back then, she was a stay-at-home mom.
Although she now works two jobs – one in insurance and one in retail, she’s still dedicated to the show. She makes sure to tape it every day.
Back when she first started watching it, she told her kids that she was going to marry Barker if things didn’t work out with their father.
When Peeler actually did get a divorce, her children were confused when Barker never showed up.
It seems that Peeler and Barker ending up meeting a little too late. Peeler recently eloped and plans to take her husband on the trip to Japan for their one-year anniversary.
While luck played a good part in winning the trip, Peeler also put in some hard work. First, there was a restless night.
“I was to excited to sleep before I went,” Peeler said.
Next came waiting in the rain at 4:30 a.m. outside the studio. Despite the early hour, Peeler was the 194th person in line.
Then there was an interview process. Peeler had to tell where she was from, what her work was and whether or not her pet was spayed or neutered.
Of course, it was all worth it – even the frizzy hair that resulted from the rain.
Peeler won chairs and a trip. She spun the world-famous wheel. And best of all, she kissed her longtime television star crush.
“It was so much fun,” she said. “I will be on a high for another week.”
Peeler’s episode runs today.
by Sarah Grano

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