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Lincolnton couple has a surprising new visitor

Bob and Linda Buff of Lincolnton received a strange call from their neighbor Monday.
“Do you have a peacock?” they were asked.
Nope, they sure didn’t.
“Well, you do now,” the neighbor replied.
Sure enough, the couple went outside, and there, eating cat food on their front porch, was an enormous, colorful peacock.
“We just couldn’t believe it,” said Linda.
The bird seemed to make himself completely at home. He wasn’t at all bothered by the Buffs hovering over him.
In fact, the peacock hasn’t strayed far from their house since the Buffs discovered him.
“He just seems to be very pleasant,” said Linda. “He doesn’t seem to be afraid at all.”
The bird has spent his time wandering around their yard, perching surprisingly high in trees and shocking neighborhood cats.
“They just look,” said Bob. “They don’t know what to think about him.”
Neither do the Buffs. The couple have been searching for an owner, but so far have had no luck.
In the meantime, they have enjoyed watching him spread his tail – which he does when he sees his reflection in cars – and showing off to the grandchildren.
Their 7-year-old grandson even asked if the new peacock would be their Thanksgiving dinner.
All in all, it’s been an interesting few days for the family.
“It’s exciting for him to show up,” said Bob. “Who’s had a peacock to show up in your yard?”
The Buffs feed the peacock bird seed, but they don’t keep him captive. The bird goes where he wants to, his long tail feathers following behind him.
“He never goes anywhere in a hurry,” Bob said.
The couple is sure somewhere out in Lincolnton is a distraught peacock owner. If no owner appears, the couple don’t know what they’ll do.
“He’s just beautiful,” Linda said. “But we can’t keep him.”
Have information on the lost peacock? Call the Buffs at (704) 732-1690.
by Sarah Grano

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