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Give us credit for recognizing what is real and what is fake

Several years ago it was a movie about life on this planet coming to an end as a new ice age was about to take place — thanks in great measure to something stupid we humans did…or was it because an asteroid hit the earth?
No, wait, the asteroid hitting the earth causes a huge tidal wave that wipes out most of humanity and other living beings (and no, it’s not a redundancy; a huge tidal wave is bigger than your average tidal wave, which is supposed to be pretty big, anyway. Incidentally, this was before we started calling tidal waves tsunamis.)
Of course, who can forget (or would it be better to ask, who can remember but wishes to forget) that Ebola-like outbreak movie from a number of years back in which Dustin Hoffman starred? You know which one, the one in which humanity was once again at the brink of annihilation?
Now, of course, it’s the bird flu movie that recently aired on TV that has people all a-tizzy, so much so that the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services had to issue an announcement alerting potential viewers the movie was just for entertainment purposes, along with the fact the bird flu hasn’t reached the United States and should it, that it wouldn’t necessarily signal the beginning of a human pandemic.
We don’t know which is worse, that it was necessary to inform people that the movie was just a movie, or the notion that people who viewed the movie didn’t have enough common sense to know that. Oh, wait! Aren’t those the same people who don’t know “The Da Vinci Code” is not real?
But you’ll have to excuse us here at the Lincoln Times-News. We just got word about this alien space ship that crashed last night in a field somewhere in New Jersey…
by Steve Steiner

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