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We give you our gratitude

If there’s anything to be said about Lincoln County, it’s that the hearts of the people who make up it citizenry are big; and in many instances, so are their wallets.
Witness the recent fund raising events that have taken place: Christian Ministry’s soup kitchen; Lincoln County Shriners; a festival at Holy Spirit Catholic Church; a plant sale in Denver to benefit the library; a Kentucky Derby party in which donations were taken for a variety of causes; and, of course, this year’s Relay for Life rallies, one in the eastern part of the county and Saturday’s event held at Lincolnton High School.
Then there are those events in which funds may not necessarily been raised, but in which people were honored for the valuable contributions they have made. To wit, the Special Olympics; Child Advocacy Center; pet therapy; and Lincoln County School’s recognition of volunteers, to name but several.
There’s probably a slew of activities in which Lincoln County citizens participate in outside the county’s lines — events that might not yet have a home here, or a presence with an impact.
The point is, in an era when civic pride and participation is on the decline, along with a significant drop in the electoral process, it’s nice to know — and to acknowledge — those people who buck the trend.
So take a bow. You deserve it — nay, you’ve earned it!

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