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County land use plan to be updated

Want to have a part in planning the future of Lincoln County?
The county’s land use plan is in the process of being updated, and officials are holding four public meetings to solicit input from residents.
“It’s their plan, basically,” said Brad Dyer, associate planner with Building and Land Development. “This is when they could give their input on how they want to see the county grow within the next 10 to 15 years.”
The land use plan was adopted in October 2001, and is designed to be updated every five years. Updating it is important, Dyer said, because any changes — small or large — can affect it. And Lincoln County has seen its share of changes over the past five years.
In addition to the land use plan, three small area plans are being created in rapidly developing portions of the county.
“Those are plans that allow more detail on certain areas,” Dyer said.
One of those plans will be centered around the N.C. 16/73 intersection. Other possibilities include the area around the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Regional Airport and somewhere along the new N.C. 16 near Optimistic Club Road.
The public meetings will be a chance for residents to come and see maps and let land use plan committee members know what they want.
“This is for them,” Dyer said. “This isn’t for us to tell them what they want, this is for them to tell us what they want.”
Committee members will then take that information and try to incorporate as much as possible into the plan.
The entire updating process should take about year, Dyer said.
Public meetings will be held on the following dates. All meetings will start at 6:30 p.m. and run until 8.
· Tuesday, May 9 — East Lincoln High School, 6471 N.C. 73
· Thursday, May 11 — North Lincoln High School, 2737 Lee Lawing Road
· Tuesday, May 16 — Lincolnton High School, 803 N. Aspen St.
· Wednesday, May 17 — West Lincoln High School, 172 Shoal Road
by Alice Smith

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