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Of Easter and Passover

This weekend marks a special time for Christians the world over, the death and resurrection of Jesus. To our readers who are of the Christian faith, be they Catholic or Protestant, we wish them a Happy Easter.
We also extend our warmest wishes to our readers who are Jewish, for Wednesday evening was the start of Passover (in Hebrew, Pesach). This eight day observation marks the exodus of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the land of Egypt where they toiled as slaves for nearly 400 years before God led them into freedom and their birth as a nation.
Members of both faiths are well aware of the link between their two holidays, and it is heartening to witness the growing efforts toward reconciliation, particularly the desire of many Christians to learn the Jewish roots of their faith. It is a welcomed step in the process, one we hope leads to better understanding, recognition and respect of the beliefs of others and ultimately the cessation to prove “My religion’s better than yours.”
Go in peace and go with God. May you and yours be blessed.

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