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Mother demands justice for daughter

Andrea Wilson found a way to have her case seen and heard.
Wilson, whose daughter attends Lincoln County Schools exceptional children’s classroom, claims that she has gotten the run-around from the school system ever since she complained her child was coming home from school with bruises and fingernail marks on her arm.
Wilson, a Lincolnton resident, claims that for several months she has met with school administrators and police to see if something could be done about the two employees in question.
Although her daughter eventually received a transfer and changed schools, Wilson felt enough was not done.
On Wednesday, several friends and family members stood with signs and posters outside the central office during the monthly Board of Education meeting.
“I wanted people to see, and I wanted them to know what is going on,” she said.
Bearing signs urging the public to help get rid of abuse in the school system, Wilson said several people stopped to ask her what was going on.
“I feel like they both need to be out of the school system if they don’t have the patience to work with these kids,” she said.
Because of legal issues, school officials said they could not discuss the case.
“It was a personnel decision in the school system, we can’t make any comment,” said Jim Watson, superintendent of schools.
Wilson says she will continue to fight until she feels justice is served for her daughter.
by Mary Williams

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