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Market kicks off Saturday

A new season begins at the Farmers Market Saturday.
Farmers and their fresh goods will be lined up at 250 W. Water St., behind the old jail.
The market opens at 7 a.m. and lasts until the food runs out.
“Which may be noon or it may be 10 o’clock,” said Leigh Guth, an agent with the Lincoln County Cooperative Extension and market organizer.
Another uncertainty is the date the market will be open Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. Guth predicts it will be in mid- to late June, but it all depends on when vegetables peak.
“With the season it’s hard to know,” Guth said.
Plans are in the works to make this year’s Farmers Market a little different from years past.
For one thing, there may be programs held such as cooking demonstrations.
There is also an e-mail and fax distribution list being formed called “Fresh Finds at the Farmers Market.”
Those who receive the e-mail will learn what will be available at the market ahead of time. Recipes using the items may also be included.
Guth is also working to create more diversity at the market such as organic goods and flowers.
“We need more farmers and customers, so I’m fishing for both,” Guth said. “There are gaps in things we have to offer.”
Despite such gaps, the market will have a satisfactory amount of items straight from the farm. Guth expects it to grow throughout the year.
“It’s going to be great,” Guth said.
For more information about the Farmers Market visit http://lincolncountyfarmersmarket.notlong.com or call the Cooperative Extension at (704) 736-8452.
by Sarah Grano

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