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Promoting peace one poster at a time

Sixth-grade student Andrew Stanley turned 60 minutes of work into a prize-winning peace poster.
“I like how I can just put something down that came from my mind and look at it and be proud of it,” the Pumpkin Center Middle School student said.
Stanley competed with students from five different counties in the Lions Club Peace Poster Contest. He came out the District 31-C winner and received a $100 prize.
“I usually just get some certificate or trophy,” Stanley said.
Stanley was presented with the check by the District 31-C Lions Club governor, Ron Supinger, on Monday afternoon.
“I saw about a dozen of them, and I just really liked this one,” Supinger said. “He had everything in there — a lot of detail.”
Stanley’s poster went along with the contest’s theme “Peace Without Borders.” It included a black and white hand holding up a peace sign, the twin towers ablaze and flags from many different countries.
The poster competed at the state level and did not win, but it will be on display at the Lions Club state convention in April.
Stanley isn’t bothered by the loss — he’s perfectly happy with his $100 win, which he plans to save “for when I’m older.”
“I was surprised to make it so far,” Stanley said. “I’ll work harder on it next year.”
Because he won the district contest, his school’s art program also won $100.
Stanley’s art teacher, Debbie Frye, isn’t surprised by the victory.
“I expect great things from him,” she said. “He’s a man of few words, but he just listens so well. He’s like an art teacher’s dream.”
Jan Johnson, Lincolnton Lions Club Peace Poster chairman, is also pleased with the win.
“It’s very well executed, and it’s completely his work,” Johnson said. “He’s got a lot of ideas, they’re so unique.”
Stanley was presented with the award in front of his art class. Lions Club members hope more students enter the contest and think about its theme.
“We just want to promote peace in our time,” said Supinger. “We just hope it inspires some other kids.”

by Sarah Grano

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