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Congratulations in order to Maiden Police Department

Our applause goes to the Maiden Police Department and the deliberate, comprehensive investigation it conducted into the December break-in at Maiden High School.
It’s natural, of course, to want answers and demand immediate action. Too often, sad to say, law enforcement officials find themselves yielding to undue pressure, whether consciously or not, often with less-than-satisfying results. The measured response of Maiden’s finest leaves no doubt whatsoever what the correct course of action almost always should be. And please note, their investigation and the subsequent arrests were done in short order — and thoroughness was never sacrificed to appease anyone screaming for some scalps.
Applause is also in order to the people of Maiden who have welcomed the Lincoln Times-News into its community. That’s because without their support, a fifth suspect in the Maiden High School break-in might not have turned himself in as quickly as he did. Once a reader of this newspaper read that the suspect was still at-large, he/she contacted the Maiden Police Department and told them he/she would have the suspect himself in, which is what came to pass.
Congratulations to one and all in Maiden, and thank you.

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