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A tip of the hat to those who have tossed theirs into the ring

There are many things residents of Lincoln County have to be proud about and one of those is the willingness of its citizens to actively participate in the political process.
This point was driven home by the number of people who have expressed a desire to represent the citizenry by filing their candidacy for elected office.
It’s a far cry from counties and communities surrounding us, for whom many of its elected leaders have been given a victory without a ballot being cast because no one chose to run against them.
But we do not and cannot castigate, because we fully understand that for many, there is a disincentive attached to running or wanting to run for elected office, and a lot of it has to be laid at the feet of the media, justifiably so. For far too many media outlets, especially newspapers, a healthy skepticism has been replaced with scorn, derision and contempt — especially towards those whose political stances don’t square with those of reporters, editors and other newsroom personnel.
This is why the Lincoln Times-News expresses its gratitude to those who have expressed the desire to take up the mantle of public service via elected office. It’s a tremendous undertaking and one that has to be respected.
Thank you, one and all, who have entered the Lincoln County political arena. May the best person for the job win.

by Steve Steiner

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