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Still further kudos to extol

Earlier this week we extended congratulations to a number of people and organizations for the positive accomplishments and contributions they made, so let us continue offering congratulations to a number of people who have done several courageous acts.
We specifically refer to those people who announced they are for candidates for elected offices in Lincoln County and the state by filing papers with the Board of Elections. Believe it or not, it’s not as simple or easy a thing to do, particularly in today’s atmosphere, which often is poisoned by a variety of sources, including the media.
Where once it was deemed one’s civic duty to enter into politics, and those who did so were held in high esteem, nowadays many qualified people have been scared off.. They refuse to subject themselves and their loved ones from indignities that go far beyond the pale of decency.
Even when criticism and scrutiny are justified and done in a manner that respects both the office and the officeholder, it’s not easy to be under the microscope. One need only recall recent editorials of note in which this newspaper has taken the county commissioners to task on a number of issues.
Congratulations are also in order to the mayor and town council of Maiden for its recent town hall meeting. Town leaders asked the community to tell elected officials what was on citizens’ minds. Boy, did they get an earful.
However, regardless whether comments were pro or con, the fact such a session was conducted was a strong indication that the mayor and town council are doing everything they can in order to get every voice heard. It’s a far cry from the pompous attitudes many elected officials take once they’ve been securely ensconced in the seats they hold.

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