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Kudos the order of the day

Congratulations to the staff and faculty of Pumpkin Center Elementary School for succeeding in being named a Triple “S” Super Safe School by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. It was the only Lincoln County school to win that distinction for this school year.
The program’s goal is to recognize and decrease incidents of school crime and violence through the implementation of key strategies. In order to attain this designation, Pumpkin Center Elementary had to complete a portfolio with three years of information, including a code of conduct, crisis, communication and comprehensive plans, evidence of prevention activities and training and staff development safety training. That’s no small feat.
Congratulations must also be extended to North Brook Elementary and Rock Springs schools, which received this designation last year; not only for its achievement, but for the very fact it served as the inspiration for Pumpkin Center.
Recognition must also go to the South Fork Volunteer Fire Department, which received a $1,000 grant from the Firefighter’s Burned Children Fund. The fire and safety education literature that will be obtained will go a long way to keeping our citizenry, both young and old, aware of the dangers of fire, thus protected.
But final accolades must go to those long-married couples portrayed in Monday’s edition. Truly, they are an inspiration to one and all on how to keep love and marriage alive and well. In today’s society, when it’s been made so easy to just up and walk away when times are tough, our married couples demonstrated that oftentimes, the right thing to do is that which is hardest to do. When you do it by putting your partner first, the race is halfway won — as in “won”-derful, which is what these couples have, a wonderful relationship with one another. We thank them for sharing their secrets of success with us.

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