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Jimmy Carter once again proves what a goober he is

Have you even known someone who, as the expression goes, “can’t get out of his own way?” In other words, is his own worst enemy?
Former president Jimmy Carter is one such individual. Instead of taking the moral high ground and demonstrating magnanimity (which he so often proclaims he does when, indeed, it’s just the opposite), he instead chose to wallow in the muck. Witness the words and tone he used at the memorial service of Coretta Scott King. Carter desecrated the occasion with a thinly-disguised attack on the current administration.
How ironic that his comments on the wiretapping of the Kings neglected the fact that these were authorized by then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, whose brother, John, was president — Democrats both.
Then to tie the wiretappings of more than 40 years ago to the ones today just goes to show what an out-of-touch, meddlesome scold Carter has become.
What perhaps Carter doesn’t wish to acknowledge is the hand he played during his one term as president and the bearing it has upon Americans today. The ramifications of his actions then reverberate today. When he was president, America truly was a paper tiger. His allowing the overthrow of Iran and its capture by Islamist extremists, was the forerunner of what is taking place today. Whether it may have staved off the attacks of 9-11 can never be known. What is reasonable to conclude, however, is that it served as an incentive and an ingredient to today’s growing radicalism of modern day Islam.
That aspect notwithstanding, the sad fact is, Jimmy Carter’s rhetoric at the memorial service was not isolated. Others of the “old and new guard” also indulged in similar tone and comments and turned what should have been a tribute to a courageous individual into another “Wellstonian circus.” (Paul Wellstone, the senator from Minnesota, was killed in a plane crash during an election year. His memorial service, which was nationally televised, denigrated into a partisan rally by Democrats. It is widely believed that enough Minnesota voters who had been undecided up to that moment made the choice to vote for the Republican candidate, thus dooming Walter Mondale’s attempt to win Wellstone’s seat; not a light decision in a state considered overwhelmingly Democrat.)
It’s no wonder that so many Americans who declare themselves independent, with no allegiance to either Democrats or Republicans, believe the Democrats are on an irreversible path of destruction. Many believe Democrats today are bereft of common decency and morals and are therefore unfit to lead. They see a party that once boasted decent, true liberals as FDR, Harry S Truman, Hubert Humphrey and others of that pantheon as relics that will one day suffer the same fate as another political party from an earlier era — the Know Nothings.
by Steve Steiner

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