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More development coming to east Lincoln

More development is planned for eastern Lincoln County and residents will have a chance to voice their concerns at the East Lincoln Betterment Association meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Unity Presbyterian Church..
This time, it’s for an active adult community that will consist of 1,650 homes on 600 acres across from East Lincoln High School.
According to Kirby LaForce, division vice president of land acquisition for Pulte Homes-Del Webb, the plans for the development are in the preliminary stages.
“While we’re looking at other counties around the Charlotte area, including Lincoln, we’re fortunate to have this site under contract,” he said.
When asked, LaForce said that paperwork wouldn’t be filed with Lincoln County until at least March.
“We haven’t filed any official plans,” he said. “We’re out meeting with groups, sharing our ideas and getting feedback from the community.”
John Hardy, divisional president for Pulte Homes, confirmed in a telephone interview Friday that the site and the county “had made the final cut.”
In an email sent to the Lincoln Times-News, the development is considered a retirement community, or what officials with Pulte Homes-Del Webb call an “active adult community.”
Some of the proposed will be attached homes, or homes with patios, and some detached, or single-family homes.
When broken down, there will be about 2.75 dwelling units per square acre.
Kelly Atkins, director of Lincoln County building and land development, confirmed the figures in the email last Thursday afternoon.
“During a two-hour meeting with the developer, we mentioned to him what the impact might be to the sheriff’s department, fire department and emergency medical services,” he said. “That number of homes would considered a small city.”
He added that each of the lots would be around 15,000-square-feet each based on the 2.75 dwelling units per square acre calculation.
Atkins also confirmed other information in the email, including the size of the complex’s private amenity area of 18,000 – 20,000-square-feet.
Active adult residences also average 1.8 people per residence who make 3-6 car trips per day, as opposed to the average single family in Lincoln who make 10-13 car trips per day.
The estimated annual household income for residents in this proposed community are $50,000-$80,000, while their average net worth is between $750,000-$1,000,000.
Atkins disputed the email’s average selling price range of $180,000-$300,000.
“The average selling price is actually around $225,000,” he said.
He added that developers haven’t considered curbing and guttering the neighborhood the homes may be in.
“Most of the home’s their proposing will be built on slabs with basements on single-family lots,” said Atkins.
At a recent impromptu meeting of the ELBA board, Walter Fields with the Walter Fields Group presented the project.
ELBA president Peter Browne thought the ELBA board reacted positively.
“It’s because what this development will bring to eastern Lincoln,” said Browne. “They estimate that 1.5-2.5 jobs will be generated per retiree family.”
Browne added that the tax revenue wouldn’t hurt the county as well.
“It will certainly add to the tax base in the amount of $2.264 million at build-out,” he said.
He expected a lot of people to attend tomorrow night’s meeting.
“Developers are claiming a low drain on the infrastructure because children aren’t going to be allowed to live there,” said Browne. “It’s going to be age-restricted.”
Besides Kirby LaForce with Pulte Homes-Del Webb and Walter Fields, developer, a presentation will be made by Pete Acker with Lincoln Medical Center.
“He’ll talk about plans for a new surgical center near N.C. 16/73 and additional expansion of services at their medical pavilion,” said Browne. “We’re talking about retirees coming to Denver and the expanded medical services these people will use.”

For more information on the East Lincoln Betterment Association or the upcoming meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Unity Presbyterian Church, call Peter Browne at (704) 996-1945.
by Jon Mayhew

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