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Mountain home inspires art exhibit

Take a look at Ginny Kolozvari’s art, and you won’t be surprised by the way she lives her life.
The images straight from nature were inspired by her log cabin tucked away in the woods of Brevard. She and her husband built the house by hand after retiring.
“It’s just a different lifestyle, living out here,” she said. “I mean, it’s a half hour to the nearest grocery store, and, yeah, there’s a few drawbacks as far as that’s concerned.”
Even with those drawbacks, however, Kolozvari wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I just can’t imagine anyone not liking nature,” she said.
Her art, which is part of the Lincoln Arts Council’s “Holiday in the Woods” exhibit at the Lincoln Cultural Center, reflects this mentality.
There are pieces of wood furniture made by Kolozvari, paintings of wolves and foxes, waterfalls and landscapes.
There are also stuffed teddy bears, which the artist has been making for over 20 years. Her paintings also show a predilection for bears, which Kolozvari finds adorable — “even the big scary ones.”
Since moving to Brevard three years ago, the couple has seen only one bear.
Before living in Brevard the two lived in Lincolnton. Originally form Michigan, the couple had known for years that they would retire to the North Carolina mountains.
Kolozvari has always been creative. Odd jobs include faux painting and furniture making. While she has “dabbled” in art all her life, “Holiday in the Woods” is her first full-fledged exhibit.
“I always did enjoy (painting), I just never had the time to do it,” she said.
The oldest of seven children, she has vivid memories of becoming immersed in her artwork.
“When I was very little, my mother would keep me busy with art supplies, and I would just sit and create whatever I felt like,” she said. “I would just keep myself busy, and I guess it would keep me out of her hair. In the process of all that, I guess I found out I had a talent.”
Upon moving to Brevard, Kolozvari found she once again had the time to focus on art. Her new home provided the perfect muse.
“Mostly I paint from nature — the things that I see around my home,” she said. “It’s all wooded, and it’s beautiful, and I just love it here, and that’s what I paint.”
“Holiday in the Woods” pictures true life scenes by Kolozvari — plants and waterfalls she has enjoyed on her hikes. It also has scenes that stem from her imagination. The exhibit, she says, is made up of whatever she felt like painting, whether she actually saw the image or just wanted to see it.
“I didn’t see a gray wolf, and I didn’t see the foxes, but I hoped I would,” she said.
“Holiday in the Woods” also includes sculptures by Lincolnton artist Don Olsen. It has more than 20 of Kolozvari’s paintings, all of which she completed in the past year. Now that she has more time to focus on art, she plans on continuing the work.
“I just enjoy it,” she said. “I can sit and paint all day, and I don’t even notice the time going by. It’s really relaxing.”
Want to go? “Holiday in the Woods” is on display at the Lincoln Cultural Center, located at 403 E. Main St., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The show also includes the work of Don Olsen nd will be exhibiting until Dec. 31.
by Sarah Grano

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