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Area pets get quality care at the Maiden Small Animal Hospital

MAIDEN – Since 1997, Dr. Kim Mitchell has owned up to having a wonderful position with a terrific company. The best part about her job is the thanks she gets from grateful clients.
“It’s a great job,” said Mitchell. “I get a thousand kisses from my patients every day.”
Mitchell, however, isn’t referring to human patients. She’s referring to dogs and cats. She owns and operates Maiden Small Animal Hospital.
Both Mitchell and Dr. Paula Ulrich see between 15-20 animals per day on average, according to practice manager Lori Mitchell.
“We used to also handle exotic animals, but due to the continuing education and time spent with clients – up to two hours – we felt it wasn’t cost productive,” she said.

According to Mitchell, the practice was actually started several years before as a small and large animal hospital by Dr. John Martin.
“Dr. Martin hired Kim’s husband, Ty, and the pair hired Dr. Paula Ulrich to be the small animal hospital doctor,” said Lori.
Over time, however, Martin and Ty felt they had to concentrate their energies on the large animal practice, according to Lori Mitchell.
“So eight years ago, Dr. Mitchell bought the practice outright,” she said.
Besides veterinary consultations, surgery and dentistry is also offered through the hospital.
However, the main message at Maiden Small Animal Hospital is preventive care.
“We’ve stressed preventive health care since day one. The doctors spend time teaching, educating pet owners into what’s wrong and how to go about treating the problem,” said Mitchell.

One of the unique aspects of Maiden Small Animal Hospital is the attention each individual four-legged patient is given.
“They’re not meant to be rushed,” said Mitchell. “Here, we like the slower pace. Our appointment times do run behind, however, because if a patient needs extra time, they get it.”
Dr. Mitchell was treating Bravo, a 10 month-old Airedale whose human companions are Ron and Julie Vega of Denver.
“He had a little too much fun while at the kennel,” she said, eluding to Bravo’s red eye.
As of Thursday, Bravo and his brother, Bucca, are still at the vet according to Julie Vega.
“We could go to any other vet,” she said, “but we choose to go Maiden Small Animal Hospital because we trust them.”
What’s also unique about the hospital is communication between patient and doctor.
“Our patients can’t talk and tell us what’s wrong,” said Mitchell. “It’s a unique situation where our doctors have to figure out what’s wrong.”

Do unto others
According to Lori, the staff at the hospital treat their patients the way they want to be treated.
“We’ve tried to keep the practice small since It’s family owned,” said Mitchell. “We’re a family and we treat our clients like family.”
Each month, Maiden Small Animal Hospital holds specials.
For November, it’s rabies awareness month, where first-time rabies shots are $8 each.
“A lot of people take advantage of the shots,” said Dr. Ulrich. “And many do wait until the last minute.”

Looking for a vet?
Maiden Small Animal Hospital is located on U.S. 321-Business, Maiden. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (828) 428-0010.
by Jon Mayhew

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