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Two new industries coming to the county

There’s more good economic news on the homefront for industry in Lincoln County. According to Barry Matherly, executive director of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, two more international industries are planning to locate in Lincoln County.
“One is definitely locating here, while we have a verbal commitment from the other,” he told a gathering at Verdict Ridge Country Club on Oct. 26. Matherly would not elaborate on where the businesses were coming from or when LEDA would make those announcements.
Representatives from Lincoln County’s international industries had joined elected officials and LEDA board members at the club for an appreciation dinner as part of International Business Appreciation Week, which had been proclaimed by the Lincoln County Commission and Lincolnton City Council and ran from Oct. 24 – Oct. 28.
According to Laura Foor with LEDA, the six international businesses that are located in Lincoln County play a major force in employment.
“A little over 1,000 people are employed among international business here,” she said.
A major player internationally in eastern Lincoln County is Blum, maker of hinge, drawer and rollout systems for cabinetry. The company was founded and is headquartered in Austria, according to Karl Ruedisser, general manager and CEO of the 400-employee plant on Old Plank Road.
“We’ve been in Lincoln County for 26 years,” he said. “We were located in Hickory at one time, but we wanted to have a closer proximity to Charlotte.
“It’s nice to see that companies that come to Lincoln County from other parts of the world are welcome here.”
Among the businesses represented at the luncheon were Blum, Hof Textiles and Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.
Bosch Tool has two companies located in Lincoln County, a distribution center and its Lincolnton manufacturing division.
Reese Perrin is the product line manager for the Lincolnton plant.
“This event shows how much international companies are valued that come to Lincoln County,” he said. His company employs about 200 people.
Another event, billed as an international dessert reception, was held Friday at LEDA’s office in Lincolnton,.
“It featured desserts from the countries represented by international business in Lincoln County,” said Matherly.
Leon Harmon, Lincoln County finance officer, stopped by to sample some of the desserts Friday afternoon.
“My favorite is the Pavlova, from Australia,” he said.
Legend has it the Pavlova is named by a station cook in Western Australia, who named it in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, whose dancing was called “light and airy” by a station cook in Western Australia.
Dr. Harald Stini, the managing director of Hof Textiles, was visiting the Lincolnton plant from Germany when he heard about the dessert reception.
“I really appreciate the chance to be here to get to know the other international companies,” he said.
He was not able to pinpoint which dessert was his absolute favorite.
“They’re all good,” said Stini, “and there’s no number two.”
by Jon Mayhew

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