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Remembering Trey one purpose of DECA school group project

One public relations assignment is not just a grade for North Lincoln High School students, but holds personal significance.
As part of Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), students will be holding a basketball competition in memory of their friend and fellow student, Trey Whiteside, who died in a car accident in June.
“It’s more than just a project for us,” said senior Tim James.
The tournament, entitled “Shooting for Safe Driving”, will be held in the auditorium of North Lincoln High School on Nov. 19, starting at 9 a.m. Two competitions will be held — free throws and “hot shot” shooting.
Entry fees for each event will be $5. The cost for those who wish to participate in both competitions will be $15, which includes a free T-shirt.
The competition will be divided up into three different age groups:
· 14 and under
· 15 to 18
· 19 and older.

First, second and third place winners will be chosen for each age group and sex in both events.
Admissions for non-participants will be $1.
Proceeds from the events will go to the Trey Whiteside Memorial Scholarship, which was set up by his parents and awarded to a North Lincoln senior. In addition, the students plan to purchase speed and stop signs for the campus, to promote safe driving.
The idea for the competition originated from Trey himself, who was an active member of DECA and an avid basketball and football player at North Lincoln.
The students have been working on the project since the beginning of school and plan to enter the finished product in the regional DECA competition in Feb.
As part of the project, the students designed fliers and T-shirts and found businesses to promote and sponsor the event.
“When we go around to businesses, we give them a flier to put up in their window,” said Brittany Mabe, another coordinator
James, Mabe and a third coordinator, Jamie Manley, have found that keeping busy with the project has been a good way to deal with the loss of their friend.
“The reason our project is so big is because we made it that way,” James said. “It keeps you busy and helps you deal with it.”
Currently there are over 200 adults and children signed up to participate. Most of the people signed up are North Lincoln students, but the students hope that many more parents, young children and teachers will show.
Though the students are not sure whether the basketball tournament will happen next year, they hope there will continue to be more events to remember Trey’s life and raise money for his scholarship.
“It keeps people from forgetting,” James said. “I think he would do the same thing for us.”
For more information contact Tammy Gilmore or Tim James at (704) 736-1969.

by Mary Williams

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