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Those attending DABA networking lunch pleased

The Denver Area Business Association (DABA) held its second and final networking luncheon of the year Thursday at Verdict Ridge Country Club in Denver.
DABA President Andrew Johnson called the luncheon successful.
“We had 77 people attend, about 10 more than the first one we held in April,” he said.
The networking luncheons started in June for two reasons, Johnson said.
“First, the luncheon gives people an opportunity to showcase their business in eastern Lincoln County,” he said. “Second, there’s an opportunity for people to get exposure to businesses in eastern Lincoln County.”
Johnson said exposure for DABA is important as well.
“We wanted to not only expose the dynamic business opportunities in eastern Lincoln County, but give DABA more exposure outside of the N.C. 16 area,” he said.
These two luncheons marked the first year DABA has opened the events beyond its membership.
Johnson estimates that people as far away as Charlotte, as well as business owners and operators from neighboring Catawba County, attended the second luncheon of the year.
One of those was Byron Carroll with Garbage Disposal Service.
“It was a great opportunity to network,” he said.
Lou Cloninger, a CPA in Denver, heard about the luncheon and was curious.
“I really wanted to see how responsive other business people were to the luncheon,” she said. “I felt like I made a lot of good contacts,” she said, noting she planned to join DABA by the end of the year.
Johnson and Cloninger both called the crowds “good and diverse.”
While not a traditional “business” in the sense of merchants and consumers, members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office also attended, including sheriff Barbara Pickens and chief deputy Ronnie Matthews.
“We also attended the last session DABA had this past April,” said Matthews. “It’s a good way to associate with neighboring business.”
The Sheriff’s Office may be a neighboring “business” in east Lincoln in the future, as there has been space allocated for it when the new Wal-Mart is built at N.C. 73 near N.C. 16.
Johnson said the two 2006 DABA networking luncheons will be April 20 and Oct. 19.

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