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New ministry focuses on letters

The ministry “Letters from Dad” was born during the aftermath of a death.
George Vaughn, the ministry’s creator, was cleaning out his father’s house and putting things in order when he came across a tackle box.
Inside, there were rusted fishing hooks and rotted fishing line. His first instinct was to throw it away. Then he had a realization.
“It just hit him like a ton of bricks that that was all he had of his Dad,” said Marcus Redding, reverend at Hulls Grove Baptist Church.
Vaughn, the father of seven children, decided then and there that he would leave his children more. So began “Letters from Dad.”
Since it started in Dallas, Texas, the ministry has gained 70 participating churches.
Hulls Grove Baptist Church is one of the those 70, and the only trained church in North Carolina.
This Saturday marks the introductory meeting to the ministry. Those who participate will learn how to write letters to loved ones and “pass on their spiritual blessing.”
During the course of five meetings, men will write letters to their wives, parents and children. They will also leave their last will and testament.
“If you knew this was your last day on Earth, what would you say to the world?” asked Redding.
These letters will then either be presented to their loved ones or placed in a memory box for future generations.
“The beauty of it is you’re asking guys to write this down — don’t just have the concept in your mind,” said Redding.
An estimated 100 men will be participating in the first meeting. Men from all over Lincoln County are invited to attend.
“It’s not just a Baptist thing,” said Redding.
The large group will be addressed and then split into smaller “Legacy Groups.”
The goal is to have men communicate with each other and communicate with their loved ones.
Redding has noticed many men shrink from talking about their feelings. During marriage conferences the wife often does the talking while the husband “shuts down.”
He hopes “Letters from Dad” will help men open up.
“This macho thing is really killing our society,” he said.
He expects the ministry to grow and hopes other churches will hop on board.
“This is honestly one of the greatest ministry tools I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said.
Want to go? “Letters From Dad” Words of Hope, Faith and Love will have an introductory meeting this Saturday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Hulls Grove Baptist Church, located at 6670 N.C. 27 West. A meal will be included. Pre-register by calling (704) 276-1181. For more information visit lettersfromdad.com.
by Sarah Grano

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