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Successful fund raiser held at McDonalds

The annual “McTeacher’s Night” fund-raiser for Catawba Springs Elementary School was an overwhelming success according to school officials.
Media Specialist Carla Detter has been at Catawba Springs for seven years and says the fund-raiser is good for the school.
“Kids see us in a different light, sweeping up in the lobby and working behind the counter. It shows them we can have a little bit of fun, too,” she said.
Principal Mitchell Eisner believed over half of the school attend last Wednesday night.
“We have an enrollment of 503 students and we were expecting over 300 to attend with their parents and friends,” said Eisner.
He says many students that used to attend Catawba Springs come back to continue their support of the school.
Students from other areas also turned out in support for Catawba Springs Elementary.
“We had a lot of students from East and North Lincoln.” she said.
Sharon Mills and her 7-year-old daughter, Payton, also enjoyed the event last Wednesday night.
Mills says there were so many people at the restaurant, her family had to park at the Harris-Teeter nearby and walk to the event.
“To see this restaurant totally full, it speaks volumes about our parents and our school,” said Mills.
The idea for the event originated a couple of years ago when Eisner asked parents what they wanted to do regarding raising funds for Catawba Springs.
“They told me overwhelmingly they didn’t want to sell stuff,” he said. “Instead, they wanted to do ‘McTeacher’s Night’ and the ‘Olympic Night.’”
The event was a huge success. Last year, Catawba Springs Elementary raised between $300 and $400 for “McTeacher’s Night.”
The school also does another fund-raiser called “Olympic Night,” held this past Friday at East Lincoln High School.
“Students made banners for the event and they get sponsors to support them as they do laps around the track,” said Eisner.
The success has another school doing a McTeacher’s Night, according to McDonalds manager Jaretta Schooley.
“We’re doing Catawba Springs like we do every year,” she said. “We’re also doing St. James Elementary, since they’re new.” That event takes place tonight.
Schooley did not want to say how much Catawba Springs raised, stating that it might cause jealousy between the two schools.
“We determined that during a meeting after the event,” she said.
McTeacher’s Nights have been held in other school districts. Bob Cochran is the owner/operator for the McDonalds restaurants in Huntersville, Denver, Kings Mountain and Cherryville.
“We probably raised $2,500 over the five restaurants,” he said.
He says the idea behind “McTeacher’s Night” is to put teachers into actual working positions within the restaurant.
“We’ll have them in the kitchen, on register and in the lobby,” he said.
Cochran adds the teachers were especially pleased with their drive-thru service.
“They were bragging on their times in the drive-thru,” he said. “We let them work the stations and they see what students do and realize what a great learning process is for them.”
Money raised from “McTeacher’s Night” will go towards surge protectors, software and copy holders for a computer lab that will be funded by proceeds from Olympic Night
For Eisner, “McTeacher’s Night” is more than just a fund–raiser.
“It’s an opportunity for students and staff to have fun together outside of school,” he said.

Want to go?
Tonight’s “McTeacher’s Night” fund-raiser, held from 5 – 8 p.m. at the McDonalds on N.C. 16 in Denver will benefit St. James Elementary School.
by Jon Mayhew

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