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Pre-schoolers bike for a cause

The 4-year olds at New Vision Ministries School did not have to wait until after school to ride their bicycles.
The school held a trike-a-thon to raise money to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
While the 16 children raised money for each lap they made, most of the money came from flat-out donations.
“We’re just going to ride,” said Stacy Angle, who is a teacher at the school. “They know they are going to help other children.”
Angle said the students have raised over $500.
All this week, the kids talked about St. Jude’s and the children and families they help.
Angle and other teachers set up the circular bike track in the parking lot, complete with stop and street signs.
Students were ready to zoom past Hugwell Circle, St. Jude Place, Teddy Bear Drive and Honey Comb Walk, but were informed of the bikeriding rules before they could start.
Alex Emerson is an old pro at safety and riding, though he was more excited about going to a football game tonight.
“I ride my bike everyday,” he said.
Adam Vanghn could not wait to start riding his bike, but knew he should be safe too.
“Mine is real fast, like a race car,” he said. “If you want to ride a big bicycle you got to wear a helmet.”
The biggest bike, however, was their teacher’s, though Angle said the kids were quick to point out that she didn’t have a helmet.
After getting their exercise on the track, Angle and the kids know their efforts will go to a good cause.
“Hopefully, this will cheer people up to see how hard the kids worked,” she said.
by Mary Williams

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