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Knight-time falls on conference tourney

It was quite a two-day span for North Lincoln senior Caroline Farris at the Southern Piedmont 2A Conference Tennis Tournament.
Farris, who was named 2A SP player of the year, beat her teammate Jordan Kinney in the singles tournament finals 6-1, 6-2.
“It’s been a longtime coming. She’s been No. 1 since we started this school and she’s worked really hard. She deserves that title,” North Lincoln head coach Julie Mills said.
In doubles, East Lincoln’s Candace Hall and Janna Mills defeated Lee Anna Young and Nichol Mick 1-6, 7-6 (TB 7-4), 6-0.
Mills was named 2A Southern Piedmont Coach of the Year, as a result of her team winning the conference championship.
“I owe that (being named coach of the year) to the girls. Had we not won the conference, I wouldn’t have won it. Because they did so well and worked so hard, I did,” Mills said.
The following players will participate in the North Carolina 2A Regional Tournament next Friday in Salisbury: Singles: Caroline Farris (NL), Jordan Kinney (NL), Abbey Cole (WL) and Betty Royster (LH); Doubles: Shelley Stevens/Angela Graham (LH), Lee Anna Young/Nichol Mick (WL), Hannah Mozeley/Courtney Feldon (NL) and Candace Hall/Janna Mills (EL).
All-conference performers were: Candace Hall (EL No. 1), Madeline Jones (EL No. 2), Callie Nicholson (South Iredell No. 1), Lee Anna Young (WL No.1), Abbey Cole (WL No. 3), Shelley Stevens (LH No. 1), Angela Graham (LH No. 2), Samantha Shepard (Highland Tech No. 1), Fashion Masion (Cherryville), Caroline Farris (NL No. 1), Hannah Mozeley (NL No. 3) and Nataleigh Hitt (NL No. 4).
Mills was disappointed her No. 3 team didn’t make it to regionals.
“I was disappointed Nataleigh (Hitt) and May (Eisner) didn’t make it. They had a really difficult first-round draw,” she said.
While it was a team disappointment that duo didn’t make it, Mills was happy for the four who will make the journey.
“They’ve worked hard for. They’ve proved themselves in the conference. I feel like they should be able to get to the states—all four of them.”
by John Mark Brooks

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