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Luncheon honoring seniors pays tribute to their rights

After 13 years, the move to a larger facility was not only a necessity, it was inevitable. Thus was the 14th annual National Residents’ Rights celebrated in a roomier new location, the James W. Warren Citizens Center.
“Traditionally, we held this at the senior center, but we outgrew the space,” said Cindy Kincaid, ombudsman and coordinator of the Tuesday luncheon.
The occasion, according to a pamphlet distributed, stated that National Residents’ Rights “offers a time for our community to recognize and honor the contribution of long term care residents.” It’s part of an ongoing process of improving the quality of care for every person living in an extended care facility.
“Our goal is to promote and protect the rights of these residents,” said Kincaid. “We want to make sure they are always treated with respect and dignity and that their individuality is recognized.”
Matters like that are important to Colleen Parker, a recent new resident of one facility in Lincolnton, Cardinal Care.
“I have been here two months,” said Parker. “My children were afraid for me to stay by myself.”
Parker moved into Cardinal Care because she no longer was as mobile as she had been in earlier times. Now she relies on either a walker or cane to get about. Yet attending today’s function emboldened her to walk without any assistance.
“I may be doing it slow, but I’m doing it on my own today,” she proudly said.
Like many, Parker wishes she could still live independently, but understands that’s no longer a realistic possibility. At the same time, she didn’t want to impose upon her children. So when her children explored the options available and told her of their opinion of Cardinal Care, Parker had them bring her. After touring the facility for herself, she decided this was the place for her.
Cardinal Care was just one of the operations that brought its residents to the luncheon. Others included Lincoln Nursing Center, Brian Center, Heath House and Wexford House Assisted Living, Lakewood and Boger City Rest Home, to name but several.
by Steve Steiner

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