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Dedication to CROP Walk lasts 20 years

Pisgah United Methodist Church has participated in Lincolnton’s CROP Walk for 20 years and some of its members haven’t missed a single walk.
“The first crop walk, we walked quite a many miles,” said Rachel Rhyne, a participant. “It was just wonderful just to get to be with friends and enjoy the beauty of nature.”
This year’s CROP Walk will take place Oct. 16 at S. Ray Lowder Elementary School. Registration begins at 2:30 p.m. and the walk starts at 3 p.m.
The CROP Walk raises money for the hungry, locally and around the world. This year, part of the proceeds will go to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Christian Ministry’s LINC Meals program will receive 25 percent of funds raised.
The cause has been a good incentive for Rhyne and her group of friends to walk every year.
“To think about others, that’s the main thing,” said Rhyne. “That’s what we’re supposed to do, that’s the way the good Lord gets his work done – through his people.”
With that in mind, the group has no problem relishing their day of do-gooding.
“I enjoy it,” said Inez Starr, 78. “It’s fun talking to all the people.”
With 25 to 30 churches participating, the women are bound to run into friends, some going back 20 years.
“The first time I walked, I just made a lot of friends, and I’ve kept those friendships,” said Naomi Ramsey, 87.
Over the years, the group has changed in some ways. For one thing, they take a shorter walk.
“We don’t walk fast. We just walk, talk and look at the houses,” said Gladys Rumfelt, 89.
After the walk is finished, the good times continue.
“We come back (to Pisgah United Methodist Church), and they set up pizza and drinks,” said Rumfelt. “We just have a party when we get back.”
Some of the women credit this day of raising funds and having fun as a benefit to their well-being. A little exercise and socialization never hurt anyone.
“I’m so grateful for my health, and I have energy and my love for doing things for others and my volunteer activities,” said Rhyne. “All that keeps me running, keeps me going good.”
by Sarah Grano

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