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ROTC takes first place

Members of the West Lincoln High School Junior ROTC accomplished more than expected when they took home top honors at the Newton-Conover Field Meet Sept. 10.
“We knocked out (McDowell High School) that had won 10 straight years,” said Commander Karl Jordan, an ROTC teacher.
The meet included 16 area schools competing in 12 field day events, such as the 4 by 100 relay and tug of war.
This is the third year that West Lincoln High School has competed in the event, improving their finish from second place last year.
The team practiced four or five times to prepare for each event.
“Everyday we came out here to practice like we were going to compete,” said senior Cameron Spaur, team captain. “There hasn’t been that many teams there before, but we weren’t scared.”
In addition to the overall win, the team garnered six event first place trophies, as well as one individual trophy for twelfth-grader Adam Owens in an event called knockout.
In the event, drill sergeants call out commands to participants. If a participant makes a mistake, he or she is knocked out of the competition.
Owens felt he was prepared for the event because of his role as drill team commander.
“I just knew what to do,” he said.
For senior Katian Miller, the hardest event was dizzy izzy, where competitors put a baseball bat on their forehead and spin around on the ground and then complete a course.
“It’s supposed to make you feel drunk,” Miller said.
After a day of hard competition, the team was excited and pleased with their first place overall finish, though they couldn’t show it at the ceremony.
“We felt pretty good,” said junior Adam Patton, “But we couldn’t really do anything because we were at attention.”
For some students, beating McDowell High School was unexpected.
“I was actually kind of surprised,” said Amanda Schneider, a junior. “They made a big speech about how they guess things change.”
The team hopes to continue their winning streak during other field meets this year. West Lincoln High School will be hosting their own drill and field meet on April 8.
However, some students say the biggest win is participating in the ROTC program and possibly pursuing a career in the military.
“I’ve always been interested in the military and I thought taking this would give me a taste,” said Schneider. “It teaches me to be a leader and to have self discipline.”
by Mary Williams

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