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Night to remember

It was a night Ryan Sykes and Trent Hopkins soon won’t forget.
Both players put their teams on their shoulders, refusing to take the loss and both scored four touchdowns.
While Hopkins did take the loss, he did everything in his power to prevent that from happening and to beat East Lincoln for the first time in three years.
“Hopkins is awesome. I mean you can’t tackle him. If you leave somebody open, bingo, it’s there,” East Lincoln head coach Mike Byus said.
“Some of our DBs are used to giving a certain coverage cushion, where they can break on the ball. You can’t break on his ball, he throws it too hard,” he added.
“His velocity is too good and he knows when to touch it. He’s a good player—I hate he’s not a senior.”
North Lincoln head coach Matt Beam was equally impressed with Syke’s performance, one of the top six rushing performances in Lincoln County history.
“He’s just good and so fast. I told them we can’t let them run back a kick on us. Sykes can just fly, I mean he can run,” Beam said.
“We didn’t get people to him.”
The 5’9” Sykes played despite suffering a hip pointer against Lake Norman and missing two days of practice the week leading up to the game.
“I told myself I was going to come out and play because it was a big ol’ rivalry game and I didn’t really want to lose this game,” he said.
The 6’1” 210-pound quarterback Hopkins, who credited his strong faith in Christ to his career night, admitted the Knights came into East Lincoln a little overconfident.
“We came out here a little cocky, they had only won one game. Pride comes before the fall,” he said.
“You got to step it up in times like this, but they wanted it worse than we did.”
Byus is not surprised by what Sykes can do, after all, he’s seen him put in the work since summer workouts.
“He put his time in this summer. He worked hard and never missed. Not to mention, he’s just a heck-of-a talented individual.”
by John Mark Brooks

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