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What CAN can and cannot do

Lincoln County’s Community Alert Network, known as CAN, is designed to let residents know about emergencies or important alerts.
When an event occurs, the affected residents are identified and a recorded message is relayed to them by telephone.
The system is not the county’s primary way of getting information out to the public — officials still rely on TV, radio and print media for that.
Instead, it is designed to supplement media reports and serve as a way to get information to residents quickly.
To make sure CAN works for you, there are several things you need to know:
· Being on the “Do Not Call” list will NOT affect your ability to receive CAN messages.
· Residents who have unlisted phone numbers or who use only cell phones will NOT receive the calls, but can be added to the list.
· New residents also aren’t included. The CAN system is updated once a year — if you move here after that date, you’ll be left off.
· CAN will hang up after the phone rings six times. To make sure you don’t miss messages, set your answering machine to answer after fewer than six rings.
· Be aware that the call will originate from Nevada or New York. Using an outside system instead of doing the calling in-house saves the county a substantial amount of money, officials said.
· In addition to network TV stations, radio and newspapers, notifications will now also be broadcast on cable channel 3.
· For more information or to be added to the CAN list, contact Lt. Leroy Buff at the communications center at (704) 735-8202.
Editor’s note: This article is part of a longer story that appeared in Monday’s Lincoln Times-News. It is being reprinted for residents of eastern Lincoln County, who have recently received two CAN messages.
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