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The truth is right here

As a child, George Fawcett came across a newspaper headline proclaiming “Silver Balls Floating in Air Nazis’ Newest War Device.”
Prior to finding the clipping, Fawcett was an avid World War II collector. He already had 43 scrapbooks full of memorabilia.
After reading that headline, however, his focus shifted.
“I didn’t realize it was going to snowball, and I was going to become the Curious George of UFO research,” Fawcett said.
From the age of 10 on, Fawcett devoted himself to UFOs. Sure, he also took time to be a Boy Scout, college athlete, YMCA director, newspaper reporter and general manager, but he became most acclaimed for his work in UFO research.
He has investigated first hand sightings from coast to coast and traveled everywhere from Panama to England to lecture on what he learned.
Now 76, he is one of the members of the Board of Directors at the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. He has also published two books and continues to lecture across the country.
When investigating, Fawcett heard first person accounts of UFO sightings and alien encounters from a wide-range of Americans – policemen, farmers, pilots and “the average man on the street.”
“Some of these people are highly intelligent, highly educated,” he said. “It’s not the city drunk or the crackpot.”
He used the information he gathered for his books and papers. Over the years, he also donated over 248,000 items to the UFO Museum and Research Center.
As for skeptics who mock his work, he pays them no mind.
“I’ve never met an informed skeptic in my life,” Fawcett said. “They don’t exist. If you do your homework, you’re not a skeptic.”
He believes 80 percent of people believe in UFOs and aliens. Many sightings, however, go unreported, and he chocks that up to two things.
The first reason is the “Little Green Men Ha-Ha-Ha Syndrome.” People simply don’t like the ridicule.
“They might report (sightings) to their next door neighbors, and the next door neighbor laughed so hard they didn’t report it again,” Fawcett said.
The second reason is government cover up.
“It’s the second highest rated on national security,” he said. “It’s next to the atomic bomb.”
Fawcett is full of statistics like this on all things alien.
“I’m sort of a walking encyclopedia,” he said.
In his 66 years of UFO enthrallment, he has heard many different stories.
The “shot first, asked questions later” one is quite popular. People have claimed to shoot at UFOS with rifles and chase them down with cars.
Fawcett doesn’t suggest such behavior – UFOs rarely harm people unless they are provoked, he said.
There are also other, more pleasant, stories about miraculous healings. One formerly cancer-ridden woman was healed after she claimed to have an alien encounter.
“That’s worth looking into,” Fawcett said.
Although his research is slowing down, he’s still perfectly happy to be the one doing that looking.
by Sarah Grano

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