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Innovative dance studio opening

It was a chance comment made earlier this year between Carmen Phaup and Rob Miller.
Phaup, a drama teacher with the Catawba County school system, was considering running a theater camp and Miller, the executive director of the Newton-Conover Auditorium Authority, which oversees the Civic and Performance Place facility, was looking to institute several fine and performing arts-related projects.
But they both soon concluded a theater camp was not the vehicle needed. There were already several theater camps dotting the region. However, in the course of conversation, Phaup mentioned how she and her husband, Satterfield, were looking into starting their own dance studio. Miller was immediately intrigued and asked to set up a meeting with her husband.
“Let’s get together for coffee and see what develops,” Miller recalls telling Phaup.
But first he showed her the space. What she saw left her dismayed. Used mostly in the past by The Green Room, the local theater company, to build sets for its shows, the floor was splattered with years of dried paint. Plus the space, a former classroom, had other problems, such as a lack of heating and air conditioning.
“But then I started using my imagination and picturing what the room could be and I grew excited,” said Carmen. She arranged for Miller and her husband to get together.
“Definitely, the room needed work,” said Satterfield. “But other than that, it was okay. The floor has good give and good sound.”
Another added incentive was the already-established positive reputation of the Civic and Performance Place. With many people already aware of the site, thanks in large measure to it being the home of The Green Room, “foot traffic” (no pun intended) is high and in itself a form of marketing and advertising that can’t be purchased.
So Miller and the Phaups came to an agreement.
“Originally, I was thinking about hiring Satterfield, but instead, he’s leasing the space,” said Miller. Both agree it’s a good arrangement and look forward to the upcoming opening of the Phaup Dance Academy.
Satterfield is very excited about the studio and the direction he plans on taking. One dance form he will teach that has him particularly excited is Hip-hop. Assisting him will be DJ Phillie Bogart, who’s also thrilled to be a part of this venture.
The two met at a job site and would get together after work. One day, Satterfield heard Bogart play and pitched the idea of the two of them teaching the dance form.
“I was excited,” said Bogart. “I started back in 1993, working rave scenes and parties, and now to teach future generations, that can’t be beat.”

About Satterfield Phaup
Satterfield`s style reflects 21 years of dance training, as well as an intense artistic vision and a strong background in theater. He has been teaching dance classes for nine years in seven different venues. Satterfield has choreographed many productions in musical theater and more recently choreographed “Beauty and the Beast,” which opens Sept. 2 at Hickory Community Theatre.
When Satterfield lived in New York City, he studied dance with the New Dance Group of Manhattan. He also studied with his mother at the Margaret Fletcher Dance Studio in New Bern and with his grandparents at The Fletcher School of Dance in Asheville.

Want to learn more?
Phaup Dance Academy is currently offering many classes starting Sept. 5.
The classes are for any age no matter what level of experience, beginners and advanced
These include Boogie Babies (2 – 4 year olds), Kinderdance (5 – 7 year olds), tap, jazz, ballet, dance for musical theatre, hiphop/freestyle, ballroom, and private lessons.
For class schedule and descriptions, consult the “Classes” page of the academy’s website at www.phaupdanceacademy.com.
The studio is on the second floor of the Newton-Conover Civic and Performance Place, corner of West 6th St. and N. Ashe Avenue, just blocks from downtown Newton.
To register for classes, contact Satterfield Phaup at (828) 638-8539, or email him at Satterfunk@hotmail.com.
by Steve Steiner

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