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Scholarship pageant opportunity to become involved

Laura Drum is preparing to graduate from college and possibly start a career in radio.
Lucky for her, the UNC-Charlotte student has something extra to put on her resume.
Miss Denver 2005.
Having served as Miss Denver for the year, Drum will be stepping down on Sept. 24 as the second annual Miss Denver Pageant will hit the stage at North Lincoln High School.
Drum, 23 said she is glad she had the opportunity to hold up the title.
“It’s a good way for girls to get involved with the community,” she said. “The program is very fair and there is equal opportunity for people from any background.”
As she ends her reign, Drum will receive a $1000 scholarship, which she will use towards the year’s tuition.
Some of the assignments that she has been involved with over the past year have included numerous parades, judging in various pageants and welcoming home troops at the National Guard Armory.
For this year’s pageant, doors will open at 9 a.m. and the pageant will begin at 10 a.m. for Little Miss, Junior Miss and Young Miss Divisions. Doors open at noon and the pageant will start at 1 p.m. for Teen and Miss Division. The Beauty portion of the Teen and Miss competition includes an onstage question. The only required category is Beauty for the pageant. There is an optional category of Photogenic.
Divisions include Little Miss (6 to 9), Junior Miss (10 to 12), Young Miss (13 to 15), Teen (16 to 18), and Miss (19 to 24.)
Wendy Galle, executive director of the Mrs. North Carolina Pageant is excited for another year.
“Last year we had a good turn-out and good feedback,” Galle said. “That’s why we are doing it again this year to bring something to Denver.”
All division winners will receive a crown, banner and flowers. The Miss winner will receive a $1000 scholarship. The Teen winner will receive a $500 savings bond. Other division winners will receive a $100 savings bond. Runners ups will receive flowers and the photogenic winner will receive a gift.
If applications are received by Sept. 3, there will be a $5 discount on the application fee.
There is no limit for the number of contestants in each category.
All money will go towards the Mrs. NC America pageant program.
For more information call Wendy Galle at (828) 478-2804 or e-mail: galle@charter.net. Applications can also be found at the Denver Days Web site at www.denverdays.org.
by Amy Wadsworth

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