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Take a stroll down Hollywood memory lane at Denver furniture store

“X-Files” Super Soldier uniform.
Sonny Bono’s vest.
Jayne Mansfield’s swimsuit.
Freddie Kruger’s arm.
These are just a few things that one can see at Worshams Furniture in Denver.
The business, located on N.C. 16, offers three products or services:
· It sells furniture at wholesale prices
· Helps customers with e-Bay
· Has a TV memorabilia collection located in the back of the store.
Robert Worsham has always been a collector.
But initially he started off as a car mechanic, a business he stayed in for 25 years.
When the day finally came that he decided he would get into the antique and collectibles business full-time, he never looked back.
The first business he bought was at the Antique Mall at Cannon Village in Kannapolis.
But from there he decided he wanted to be closer to home in Denver and made the plunge to start his own business.
“It’s good if you can turn a hobby into a business,” Worsham said.
Many of his collectibles came from a friend he has known for a long time. Although he does not wish to reveal his friend’s name, Worsham said it is someone that is now a Christian recording artist and is the youngest person inducted into the Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

She may have had some ‘splainin’ to do,’ but the dresses Lucille Ball wore on her television shows, including her famous polka dot dress, tell their own tale at Worshams Furniture store in Denver.

In addition to selling furniture, Robert Worsham also collects costumes and props from movies and television. Most items (such as photos and posters pictured bottom , are for sale, but not all. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photos

Only four items in Worsham’s collection aren’t for sale. They include a George Burns hat from the “Burns and Allen” TV show; “I Love Lucy’s” actual trademark polka-dot dress; and the “I Love Lucy” chef hat worn and made famous in the candy factory episode. The hat is Worsham’s favorite piece.
“One of my friends in the ‘80s found the hat in a box that had been put away since the 1950’s,” Worsham said. “It was covered in chocolate stains.”
Worsham takes particular pride in his collection and delights in the opportunity area residents have to partake in viewing when they come to his store.
“A lot of the stuff that I have people can’t see unless they visit the Smithsonian or restaurants such as the Rock-Ola Cafe or the Hard Rock Cafe,” Worsham said.

Want to go?
The store is located at 2493 N.C. 16. Hours are 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. For more information call (704) 489-6907.
by Amy Wadsworth

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