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Neighborhood produce stand teaching tool of both responsibility and of trust

Driving around the corner of Lakeshore Road South in Westport, those passing by might notice a little stand on the side of the road filled with ripe, juicy produce and a very intriguing sign that reads, “Kids Veggies.”
The sign and the stand, located at the end of a driveway, spring up every season when the tomatoes are ripe at the end of the Kinney family driveway (by a sign that reads, Sandy’s Pointe).
Sandy Kinney said he started the stand in order to teach his children to work.
“You just never know where you will end up, it could start up something,” Kinney said, who owns his own real estate company.
Kinney’s sons, David, 14, and Ryan, 12, assist with the vegetable stand everyday. Most days, they also pick the produce from the garden to place on the stand. Their neighbor, Charlie Splain, 12, also helps.
David was nine when the vegetable stand started.
“It grows every year,” he said.
The first year the kids made $200; last year they made $800.
“One year we bought a trampoline,” David said. “The money we made last year we put away.”
David hopes one day to have enough money to buy a car.
The stand has tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, bell peppers and apples. Daily, neighbors and people out for a drive drop by to pick up vegetables. Alan Rogers, a neighbor comes to pick up his vegetables once a week.
“It’s for a good cause with the kids doing it,” Rogers said. “I would rather give to them than somebody else. I hope they continue to do it.”
There is no set cost for the produce. There is a drop slot where one can drop a donation in.
“We just ask that people pay whatever they think is fair,” Kinney said.

Want to go?
The stand is located at 2758 Lakeshore Road South, off N.C. 16 and remains open as long as the vegetables are ripe.
by Amy Wadsworth

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