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Ten Commandments Quiz

The Lincoln Times-News randomly selected people off the street to see how many could name all of the Ten Commandments. Here are our findings.

Jordan White, 17 of Lincolnton got nine correct.

Sherry Garner, of Grier, S.C. got seven correct.

Jennifer Shults, 34, of Iron Station, got seven correct.

Katie Williams, 17, of Vale and Samantha Beal, 19, of Cherryville worked together to get nine correct.

Kyle Setzer, 18, of Lincolnton got eight correct.

Joy Loftin, 40, of Lincolnton got seven correct.

Bob Turner, 75, of Lincolnton got seven correct.

We found that many of the selected confused the First and Second Commandments with each other. The First Commandment being to believe in the existence of God and the Second Commandment stating to put “no other Gods before Me.”
Others also forgot the Fourth Commandment, to keep the Sabbath holy and the Ninth Commandment, to never bear false witness.
by Maribeth Kiser

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