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Car crashes in art filled yard

One year and five days after a wreck in her front yard caused Rachel Watkins to create protest art, a second car careened off N.C. 18 and crashed.
The wreck, which happened during a thunderstorm at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, killed two of Watkin’s crepe myrtle trees, but no one was injured.
Watkins, however, did immediately run out to her front yard, umbrella and camera on hand, to record the event.
The impact moved Watkins’ homemade boulder-buffer.
“A little small Toyota turned out the boulder and caused all that damage,” she said.
Watkins has filled her yard with mannequins splattered in red paint, crosses and protest signs in hopes of getting a guard rail outside of her house.
She says she has been told that no guard rail will be provided because officials don’t believe the turn in front of her house is dangerous enough.
“I guess an ounce of prevention isn’t worth a pound of cure,” she said. “We have to wait until someone gets killed.”
She hopes the most recent wreck changes minds. by Staff Reports

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