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Denver opposition group formed to fight Wal-Mart

NO to Wal-Mart!
Cheryl Deskus, a Denver resident, has formed a group called “Denver First,” which consists of people who are opposed to the Super Wal-Mart that has plans to come to the NC 16/73 intersection.
“I am very surprised at the amount of people that I have talked to that are opposed to Wal-Mart but are just sitting back not doing anything about it,” Deskus said.
Deskus, who owns her own business, Gifts to Go in Denver, is determined to delay Wal-Mart’s plans.
“I am not happy with the idea of Wal-Mart coming here,” she said. “I don’t think the area is ready.”
One of the main problems with the corporate business coming to Denver is the traffic, Deskus said.
“I have tried to think of another super center that has been located on a two-lane road and I can’t think of any,” she said.
Deskus also said there is another Wal-Mart eight-and- a-half miles away at Mt.Holly/Mt. Huntersville Road.
“We don’t need a Wal-Mart every eight miles,” she said.
Deskus is also concerned about the impact a corporate business such as Wal-Mart could have on small businesses that have been in the area a long time.
Currently, the group has a dozen members that have contacted Deskus and are interested in fighting the super center.
The group plans to be vocal and write several letters to the editor to surrounding newspapers, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, planning board and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.
Deskus also hopes to have the group meet one-on-one at some point for discussions.
For more information or to get involved in the group contact Deskus at (704) 483-8333 or e-mail her at denver1st@aol.com
by Amy Wadsworth

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