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Indiana John and the Headpiece of Ra

After tirelessly searching yard sales, one Indiana Jones fan made the ultimate find.
There in protective packaging was the Headpiece of Ra, a key prop in the Indiana Jones’ movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
“I knew right away,” said John Warlick, Lincolnton’s biggest Indiana Jones fan. “I was overtaken by it somehow.”
He immediately asked the owner, who lives on Startown Road, “Is that what I think it is?”
The owner nodded his head sagely. He told Warlick that he used to make props for movies, and what Warlick was admiring was one of the original Headpieces of Ra. Around a dozen were made for “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
For Warlick, who has seen the movies hundreds of times and dresses like Indiana Jones – hat and all – on a daily basis, it was the discovery of a lifetime.
“This is beyond my comprehension,” he said.
He went home from the yard sale with the prized prop, which he bought for “an undisclosed price.”
He has no doubt that it’s the real deal.
“Everything’s the same, down to the letters,” he said.
He considers it a dream come true. Ever since watching “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in the theater, Warlick has wanted a piece of the movie to call his own.
The Headpiece of Ra now make its home alongside his Indiana Jones posters, books and copies of the movies.
Warlick, who works as a security guard in Gastonia, is unashamed of his Indiana Jones adoration.
“He’s slick,” said Warlick. “He gets into all these problems, and he gets out of them.”
His girlfriend has a different take on the situation.
“She thinks I’m a little nuts,” he said.
Indiana Jones isn’t Warlick’s only movie love. Star Wars takes a close second. That said, he can do without the newer Star Wars movies which are full of action and jump from shot to shot too quickly.
“Your mind can’t grasp it,” he said. “It’s too fast.”
He no longer views new movies, whether in the theater or at home. Instead, he sticks with the classics.
“I come from the old school,” he said.
Indiana Jones will remain his favorite, and he doesn’t mind telling the world. Take one look at his khaki colored fedora, and anyone would know where his heart lies.
“I’m a very big fan,” he said. “It’s obvious.”
by Sarah Grano

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