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Hearing on no-wake buoys slated

The Lake Norman Marine Commission will hold a public hearing on its “No- Wake Buoy” regulations on Monday, July 11 at 7 p.m.
Some of the suggested changes include removing unauthorized buoys from the lake, which has become a huge problem, said Bob Elliott, executive director with the commission.
“All the buoys float away when the water goes up,” he said. “It is hazardous to navigation in some cases.”
“We have had lots of complaints from people and boater’s groups,” he added.
At the meeting, the board will review the importance of the ordinance and consider changes at their following meeting in August.
Elliott said if the board does decide to remove unauthorized buoys, it will be done over a large period of time.
The current regulation states that the “No-Wake” buoy application procedure is for the use of lake residents who live in narrow-coves, in areas with heavy traffic or for other reasons where no-wake buoys would help boaters obey the North Carolina State Law requiring “No-Wake” speed when within 50 yards of boat docks or other structures. This procedure provides a way to request permission from the LNMC to place “No-Wake” buoy(s) 50 yards from their docks. These applications are not for individuals but for Home Owners Associations, marinas or groups of residents who have a serious problem with wakes in a given area of the lake.
In other business, the commission is still reviewing the rafting ordinance which was discussed at the last meeting.
Elliott said the board will review the possible changes for at least another month before coming to a decision.
The marine commission meets in the community room at the Cornelius Town Hall, 21445 Catawba Avenue.
by Amy Wadsworth

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