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Local law enforcement make freedom possible

Over the past several weeks and months, this newspaper has reported upon the gallant effort various law enforcement agencies have made keeping our citizenry — as well as visitors and those passing through — safe.
From Click It or Ticket programs to the concerted effort by the Lincolnton Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the county division of the N.C. Highway Patrol and neighboring law enforcement communities netting illicit drugs and getting them off the streets, these men and women have risked their lives on our behalf.
Their efforts have been well-rewarded, especially in the war against drugs. It has not been through happenstance recent raids have netted millions of dollars of contraband in Lincolnton and Lincoln County. It’s been through their hard work, diligence and dedication that has paid off, not only for them but ultimately for all us who are law-abiding denizens.
The Ten Most Wanted list that recently ran on the front page of the Lincoln Times-News produced almost-immediate results. Two people turned themselves in, another was apprehended and new leads were developed on others still-at-large. Yet the credit goes not to this paper but to the Lincolnton Police, who approached and asked if the LTN would assist in this community service. That this paper had a hand in getting known and suspected felons off the streets and behind bars is due only to the privilege accorded it by the abovementioned law enforcement establishment.
Granted, crime has not been 100 percent eradicated and in all likelihood, never will, no matter where one lives or visits. But it is reassuring to know that in the communities that make up Lincoln County, a huge dent has been made in the fight against crime.
As Independence Day approaches, this is a time when all of us should make that extra effort and thank those in law enforcement who have given us freedom; specifically, the freedom to feel relatively safe in our homes, in our vehicles and on the streets.
Thank you.
by Steve Steiner

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