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Lake Norman Marine Commission studying motorboat noise issue

Noisy motorboats have always been a problem on the lake.
Terry Davis, who heads up the Preservation and Safety committee with the Lake Norman Marine commission is working on a noise study status.
Some of the noisy motorboats on the lake include cigarette boats and those who have engines that are high performance.
Davis said there have always been complaints about noisy boats and what to do about them.
The sub-committee was formed by Davis and has several other members who include a lakekeeper, several marina owners and law enforcement.
The goal is to tackle the issue of noise and determine how to get it under control.
The committee is hoping to get something in place with North Carolina wildlife in Raleigh, who wish to tackle the issue with them.
“We want to take it to where we don’t just get an ordinance but we get something adopted for the entire state,” Davis said.
The project is one that will take a couple years.
“This is not something that we are going to want to re-do,” Davis said. “We want to get it right the first time.”
Already the committee has looked at different laws in other states which vary depending on the decibel reading.
Currently, a boat with no muffler or one that has a pipe right off the engine is illegal.
Davis, who works with law enforcement in Mecklenburg County was chosen to head up the project due to his experience.
He has been on the preservation and safety committee for 10 years which tackles various lake issues as they occur. He was on the committee before he became a commissioner three years ago.
Other issues with noise include loud music on boats, another issue on the lake.
This type of noise is not something that is controlled by the marine commission.
“A noise ordinance for this issue is county specific,” Davis said. “What we enforce in Mecklenburg will be different than what is enforced in Lincoln county.”
by Amy Wadsworth

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