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Personal trainers provide extra push

Whether you want to bulk up, slim down, lower your cholesterol or look good in a bikini, personal trainers have the program for you.
“It’s all personalized,” said Melissa Avery, fitness and wellness coordinator at the Lincoln Family YMCA.
The YMCA currently has nine certified personal trainers, who are available in the fitness rooms at all times. About 15 clients make use of them on a more individualized basis.
These clients range from a 19-year-old wannabe Rockette to an older stroke victim.
Programs range just as much from weight intensive sessions to cardio and fitness ball work to working out in the swimming pool.
“It’s as basic personal training as we can get,” said Avery of the stroke victim. “We walk. We practice walking.”
Those who are diligent with their workout programs can get remarkable results. They lose weight, build muscle and those battling health problems often become more independently mobile.
One success story comes in the form of Beverly Beal, who had brain surgery following a bicycle accident in April of 2004.
The accident also caused massive damage to her collar bone.
When she hired Rodney Robbins as her personal trainer, she couldn’t even lift her arm over her head.
The two created a fitness regimen together that was heavy on building upper body strength.
“She can do everything now,” said Robbins.
Both personal trainer and client are pleased with the results.
“He gave me the incentive, and I need him for guidance,” said Beal. “He also offers that challenge – ‘Let me see four more.’”
This motivation is one of the biggest reasons people turn to personal trainers.
“We push them a little bit more than they would do on their own,” said Robbins.
There are also some people who need initial instruction on the ways of the fitness room.
“There’s a lot of people who are intimidated by those machines,” said Avery.
All YMCA members can receive a free orientation. Personal trainers will point out how to use weights and cardio equipment. They will also help clients find the level they need for their workout.
Avery has run into 60-year-old men who believe they can bench-press now what they did at 16.
For those who hope to go beyond introductory instruction, personal trainers cost $30 for one session, $140 for five sessions and $250 for 10 sessions.
The YMCA also offers an introductory program at a considerably lower cost that lasts one month.
For more information call the Lincoln Family YMCA at (704) 748-9311.
by Sarah Grano

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